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Final closing song for Prison break Lay It Down By Spiritualized
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Thanks to nik for the heads up

So does Michael's exasperated admission in the finale, "I don't want to run anymore." By then, fans are ready for an emotional catharsis, and boy, does the song "Lay It Down Slow" by Spiritualized get us there.

"We're not big on montage songs, but it was a song that, for me, tied into the whole thing about Michael's plight," Olmstead said. "Which is basically: Lay it on me, I'll take the weight so everybody else can flourish."

The song plays, "If you got pain in your heart, why don't you share it with me? . . . Lay it down free, lay it down easy, but lay it on me," and we see some characters thriving, others paying for their sins, and eventually an origami crane. Some of the events along this journey made no sense, but that's not what you'll be thinking about when this love story reaches its final moment.

Source: LA Times

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